What is Atkins Diet? Pros and Cost of Atkins Diet

What is Atkins Diet?

Dr. Robert Atkins developed the Atkins Diet. The diet was introduced initially in his novel “Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution,” which was published in the year of 1972. The book is all about the diet and the nutritional effects of low-carb diets. 

Atkins diet is an effective diet to lose weight. The diet plan is based on steps, beginning with minimal carbohydrates and slowly consuming more before the target weight is reached.

In the beginning, an individual is given a limit of 20 grams a day for the ‘net carbohydrates,’ 12 – 15 from ‘base vegetables,’ which are rich in fiber including blackcurrants, cherry tomatoes, and sprouts in Brussels, in keeping with the standard method of Atkins 20. 

The highest weight reduction is possible in this stage.  Two more nutritional variations are followed. Atkins 40 is claimed to be suitable for those who want to lose less than 40 pounds. And Atkins 100 is a program for preserving their present weight. 

The idea is that your body needs to turn to an alternate source – accumulated fats by reducing carbon dioxide. And carbohydrates and ‘basic starches’ are all but squeezed out, including the onions, the white bread and the beans, proteins, and fat like the ham, beef, and the eggs. Fat is burned, pounds are lost.

Yet reducing overall carbohydrate is not what Atkins will achieve. The strategy of the diet plan often involves limiting the calories you carry in at any moment. A carb-heavy diet is too glucose-intensive for the cells to be used or processed as glycogen in the liver.

As far as menu simplicity is concerned, Atkins 100 makes it possible for you to eat the widest variety of products with 100 net carbs per day and then reduce it 40 carbs a day, and then 20. Let’s see how this fall:

At least 12 to 15 grams of net carbs a day based on the vegetables 

Three portions of protein from 4 to 6 grams a day

2 or 6 parts of extra fat each day

The other 85 grams of net carbs are extracted from foodstuffs such as peas, spaghetti or beans, low carbon fresh fruits, and green leafy vegetables.

The Steps of Atkins Diet

Atkins diet is based on four steps, which are explained below: 

Step 1: Consume fewer than 20 g of carbohydrates a day. This step spreads on two weeks. Consume healthy, high-protein foods, including leafy green vegetables and low-carb foods. 

Step 2: Add almonds, low carbon veggies, and small quantities of berries to your intake.

Step 3: Add more carbohydrates to your diet when you are very close to losing your weight.

Step 4: You should consume as many good foods here as your body allows without regaining any weight.

The Variants of Atkins Diet

The plan comes in three variants, sometimes named the Atkins Nutritional Method. 

Atkins 100 is for people who:

  • Want to keep their existing weight stable and do not wish to regain any weight
  • Are bearing a child    
  • Are feeding the baby and trying to lose their weight

 Atkins 40 is for people who:

  • Want to shed less than 40 pounds in a safer manner
  • Is overweight or sluggish and would like to lose weight quickly
  • Need a much more highly diverse food intake

 Atkins 20 is for people who:

  • Want to shed at least 40 pounds or even more 
  • Dealing with diabetes with type 2 
  • Have 35-40 of the waist.  

Pros and Cons of the Atkins Diet Plan

Over the years, several changes have been made in the Atkins diet plan. Until you seek to implement the specific eating schedule in your routine, you have several things to remember. Atkins offers several advantages that can make it the perfect diet for hundreds of people. Yet, for some people, the drawbacks can preclude it. 

When you are following this plan to reduce weight, make sure you analyze all the positives and drawbacks of Atkins before beginning the program.

Pros of the Atkins Diet Plan

  • Easy to Follow

The diet is easy to follow compared to other low-carb diets. While you may want to practice simple food carbohydrate arithmetic, it will encourage you to consume a healthy diet. You will enjoy following this diet plan.

  •  Gives Fast Results

Follow the Atkins diet if you want to lose weight fast. Individuals who have attempted this diet plan endured substantial weight loss. The first most stringent step is implementation, which is not tough. Therefore, this sudden impact inspired proponents.

  • Improves Triglycerides

The diet is healthy. Research suggests that low intaking of carbohydrates may significantly improve blood glucose triglycerides that reduce all diabetics’ blood glucose, thus improving healthy cholesterol.

  •  Improves Mental Health 

Low-carbon and high-protein diets can improve behavioral levels, as well. This may also offer people with high tolingness of meat-based foods a smoother stomach and better digestion.

  •  Allows Forbidden Foods Intake

You can actually enjoy all those foods that are usually prohibited for weight loss when you follow this diet plan. The diet plan usually involves prohibited foods like cream, butterfat, and steak. Enjoy all!

Cons of the Atkins Diet Plan

  • Nutrient Deficient Diet

This plan makes it easier for dieters to have a nutrient-deficient diet. The ingestion of fewer nutrients and vitamins as a consequence of reduced diets of berries and salads will render this possible. All through this scenario, the dietary supplement to the body will be inadequate.

  •  Counting of Carbs Whenever You Consume

This dietary plan demands that you continue to stay in the specific spectrum of carbohydrates. There is also the problem of induction, which is the most contentious part of the program. It is impossible because you have a sugar and carbohydrate-focused diet already.

  •   Risk of Weight Regaining

In addition to strict observance of the guidelines given by the Atkins diet, a person must, therefore, maintain his target weight regularly. This can eventually increase the weight of the individual.

  • Pose Health Risks

Foods that are rich in proteins may also have a high amount of fats. So much fat can also result in low cholesterol. At about the same time, this decreases the consumption of food that results in chronic bowel illness. Same way, restricting the intake of such food can only deprive dieters of antioxidants.

The Last Word

Atkins diet is an effective diet to lose weight. I would suggest you to try this diet once in your life and share your results with us. Though it has some drawbacks, but it gives you the result you need.

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