War on fat – How to overcome

Imagine staring at the most luscious piece of chocolate ever and after contemplating for some time, you give into your desire and consume it. Then, change the scenario a little bit: not only does this situation happen once a day, but it happens to you multiple times with uncontrollably desiring your favorite scrumptious snacks and tasty food. Sometimes we feel guilty about our bad diet day to day but there is hope to resolve this inner conflict between us of healthy versus harmful food. Let’s embark on this journey by hearing a real life call for help from an individual, and how this individual can overcome through health suggestions we can utilize today! We will be able to take a look at different scenarios and individuals who share more about their journies.

22 year old male:

“I’m 6ft 1 tall, 78 kilograms, and although my weight seems great to my height, I’m guilty of eating a lot of quick food, chocolate, as well as soft splash drinks. I wish to know what amounts & sorts of food to combine to eat. I paid for the home gym appurtenance which has biceps, triceps, legs, shoulder, chest as well as back exercises with a desire to build abs. I nap unequivocally late as well as arise up unequivocally late (I nap during 7 am as well as arise up during 2-3 pm), which influenced my college life despite not splashing vast amounts of caffeine. What can I do to improve my health?


Considering the variety of diverse recommendations on how to approach dropping the body fat, one can actually perceive numerous conflicting thoughts in relation to well being, diet program, physical fitness, along with weight loss. The desire to improve may allow us to find recognized specialists that could stereotype but we ourselves can continue to express our own individual thoughts and opinions as well which is not efficient.

This is an opportunity to practice distinguishing because even the media can feed on these desires such as ab-building and then sell products whose results can be quite skeptical. For example, you will see the commercials which are tempting you to buy Ab belts. The ab belts promise you to give you the shape of a model. It has the mechanism where the belt will vibrate at the intensity which will burn up the extra calories collected around your tummy and give you that excellent shape. The point to ponder is making sure that the product or brand that you are going to trust is really worth trying. A way to overcome such predicament can be searching for some testimonies and seeing if users are really satisfied with that brand and doing research before committing.

The best possible benefits to get rid of excess fat assuredly can be a three-part weight method which focuses on diet-foods-nutrition, actual physical action-movement-exercise, and knowing what to enhance and upgrade such as an important organ of our, the heart.

It is okay to not have a formal understanding on diet, exercise, or even weight reduction but what does matter is using trial and error, taking the time and energy to help concentrate on a centered weight-loss strategy that works well, and having long-term trustworthiness with yourself and the program you have chosen with the basics and discipline mastered. 

One way to assist in exercising is focusing on cardio because knowing the heart is imperative to our functions of health and life, having a good heart is a good start in improving ourselves

Our bodies are designed to monitor recovery which means as you train fast and hard, you can then recover for a period of 1.5 times your effort and repeat this cycle again and again which should be done in moderation.

High Intensity Training (HIT) or even interval training increases antioxidant production and metabolic rate, which can help you burn unwanted fat and even promote a healthy heart and circulatory system. Participating in HIT allows the heart to respond and recover quickly from a variety of applications which conditions you to be ready for what you need, when you need it. Creating a variable aspect of your training for your heart can then allow your heart and hence body to handle daily stress better too. All in all not only does HIT cardio reduce stress, but it also reduces body fat and brings muscle definition too.

Another way to help aid in how to fix our diet is focusing on nutrient rich superfoods as well, and one example that is feasible to acquire are avocados.

The reason why this fruit is brought up is because it contains many health benefits that need to be grasped since it is not as commonly known. For example, once cup of avocado has 23rd of the recommended daily price of pteroylmonoglutamic acid. Studies show that individuals who eat diets made in pteroylmonoglutamic acid have a lower incidence of heart condition than people who didn’t and decrease the risk of stroke; another heart helper likt HIT.

Furthermore, Avocados contain vitamin E, monounsaturated fats, and glutathione and certain nutrients may be absorbed higher when eaten with avocado. To exemplify this through a study conducted, it shows that when someone eats a dish containing avocados, she is able to absorb five times the number of carotenoids are higher than people who don’t eat avocados.

Based on this analysis, we can see how it reduces the potential to have cancer such as glandular cancer, since the compounds contained during this fruit look for emerging cancer cells and then destroy them without damaging different health cells. As a result, it also helps decrease the amount of steroid alcohol we have since it contains high beta-sitosterol. 

All in all, there is possibility in overcoming our temptations which can impede our health and one way we can start is through taking care of our heart. We can not give up on ourselves but with the mindset of perseverance and having our eyes on the goal to fully living with an able body, we must understand that it starts off with simply starting somewhere.