The Vegan Scoop: Dairy-Free Ice Cream Reviews

 ? “Look so good, yeah, look so sweet

Lookin’ good enough to eat.

Ice cream chillin’ ” ?

I don’t know about you but Blackpink and Selena got me singing this song on repeat and this was my first thought when I read the word ice cream. (And probably would be for the rest of my life.)

If I would pick the best dessert, I would honestly say without any hesitation: ICE CREAM (chillin’). Just the thought of having that sweet goodness in a chilling vibe is enough to make me dance with joy. No kidding! Aside from that, ice cream is also the best comfort food after long, exhausting hours of work. 

Today, people are still in love with ice cream but they want to indulge in it healthily especially now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Health is a priority but of course who can ever say no to ice cream, right? 

The Vegan Scoop: What exactly is Dairy-Free Ice Cream?

Dairy free ice cream or classified as “non dairy frozen dessert” according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – basically because ice cream is characterized under dairy – has replaced milk and cream with plant-based ingredients such as coconut, soy, almond, or cashew milk. 

Dairy-free or non-dairy is becoming the fastest growing segment in the frozen dessert category. Consumer data from Mintel explains the reason behind this sudden switch to dairy free products. In their survey, half of the respondents answered that they are switching because they feel healthier consuming plant-based proteins. 

This demand has caused the sudden surge in popularity for these items. And ice cream has been on top of the list in the dessert department. 

Reviews on the Top 3 Dairy Free Ice Cream Brands 


Dairy-Free Ice Cream

So Delicious was founded in 1987 by Mark Brawerman and based in Eugene, Oregon. This brand boasts of the best alternatives to the dairy products with 100% plant based, Non-GMO with no alternative sweeteners, trans-fats, or hydrogenated oils. Their product portfolio includes dairy free frozen desserts, beverages, cultured products, coffee creamers, and more. 

So Delicious Coconut Macaroon ????? (5/5)

“This is the best ice cream ever! Vegan or not! There I said it. Super indulgent and you don’t feel that overpowering sugar taste[s] like the traditional ice cream. Very mild coconut flavor with amazing bits of macaroon.”


So Delicious Cold Brew Coffee Coconut Milk ????? (5/5)

If you’re into coffee like me, I am sure that you will definitely like So Delicious’ unique take on the coffee flavor. Made out of 100% Arabica coffee extract paired with their signature creamy coconut milk frozen dessert, this flavor takes vegan into another level. This is the perfect wakeup call in the middle of a hectic work week. 

“Coffee ice cream has been my all time favorite for years. Being lactose intolerant feels like a curse to my soul sometimes. I love that I can still enjoy it with brand like So Delicious. And this one is exceptionally delicious”

Charli F. 


Ben & Jerry’s has been in the industry for 42 years now and it has been slinging classic scoops with their chocolate chip cookie dough which has never been recreated by other brands in the true and original flavor set by Ben & Jerry’s. Today, it continues to innovate flavors and surprise consumers. And don’t worry if you’ve switched to Non Dairy because Ben & Jerry’s got you!

Ben & Jerry’s Netflix & Chill’d ????? (5/5)

Ben & Jerry’s teamed up with Netflix to give us the best ice cream flavor while binge-watching your favorite kdrama or series. Its non dairy version is made out of almond milk with peanut butter ice cream base, mixed with sweet and salty pretzel swirls and fudge brownie.

“Maybe it’s just been a while, but even Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter ice cream was better than I remember it. Either that or it just works so much more effectively paired with a salty swirl mixed throughout. We all know chocolate and peanut butter get freaky together quite well, but using brownies instead of chocolate chunks certainly elevates the duo. They probably played it safe with this recipe, but they also played it smart.”

Junk Male (

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ????? (5/5)

Turning their classic flavor into a non dairy version is definitely well… a classic and dare I say iconic move. It features our favorite vanilla flavor made from almond milk with gobs of vegan chocolate chip cookie dough and fudge flakes that will make your worries float away. 

“Wow. My boyfriend scooped me some of this, not knowing it was vegan. I have a strong palette and knew it wasn’t dairy right away. After he confirmed, “oh wow, it’s non-dairy!” I kept scooping away and I’m actually really impressed with the consistency! It’s the exact same as regular ice cream! The only thing that made it obvious was the flavor. I got hints of soy, but it turns out to be almond based. Super cool! I’m not vegan either and I’m utterly impressed. Give it a try! Go Ben & Jerry’s!”



NadaMoo! is a dairy free come true in 2004 which put forth the creamy, coconut milk frozen dessert to the top of the line of all frozen desserts. By 2005, they had already launched their Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Mint flavors. And today in 2020, they’re taking their sustainability motto to another level by introducing new eco-friendly packaging. Not only that, they continue to fill our tummies with top tier flavored ice creams. 

NadaMoo! Pistachio Nut ????? (5/5)

“I just tried this ice cream for the first time a couple days ago. Since then I’ve gone through 2-3 pints and I’m not even ashamed. This ice cream is SO GOOD. I’ve never had pistachio until this so I can’t compare it to others but I’m still sure this tops the cake.”

Morgan L. 

NadaMoo! Organic Mint Chip ????? (5/5)

“This is the best and I mean the best mint ice cream that I have ever had. It’s rich, creamy and the fresh mint flavor makes it pop. Even my husband who is not a fan of dairy free ice cream and a mint fanatic thought it was amazing.” 

Although there is still much controversy whether non dairy is really healthier than traditional ice cream, we are sure that these three brands are delivering the very definition of non dairy. It is never too late to make a switch to a healthier lifestyle and that is without compromising your favorite treat! So go ahead and take a scoop! 

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