My stomach is moving, please send help!

Can you feel your baby moving, hitting, and nonetheless kicking as he tries to get through to you in his own way? Pregnancy can be truly a scary process for some women and many nuances can cause one to think about what to do for the benefit of not only their health but also their child as well. Nonetheless, this is a beautiful journey for a woman to embark on and many resources are to be shared  to assist in this precious journey without meeting trouble, but rather, maximum joy and relief.

For starters, as tempting as it may be to stay up at times, it is essential to have decent sleep. It is very likely that you will experience fatigue and weakness while getting accustomed to the hormonal changes but you can obtain the finest position for good circulation of blood by sleeping on your left. Sleeping enables you to recharge your energy the fetus can consume, shape, and grow, and an advantage to minimize the effect of these types of new powerful hormones. 

Due to the fluctuations of hormones, undergoing a new set of contradicting emotions- albeit being scared and depressed to ecstatic can occur, so there is no need to feel odd or unnatural. You may also experience morning sickness as well as physical body changes too! 

Another piece of advice with what we eat and drink is to drink plenty of liquids and fluids which will be very beneficial throughout pregnancy. It is also good to note that with the food we are to consume, it is best to be more wise. Try not to gain too much weight because this can instigate depression and further difficulty in losing the weight after giving birth. With this in mind, avoid spicy, fatty, or fried foods because being prone to painful heartburn increases during pregnancy, but intake healthy food and exercise at least three times a week

Finally, take your supplements in order to ensure a newborn child that is really healthy such as Omega 3 capsules which benefit both mother and child.

Why Omega 3 though?

Omega 3 supplements are nutritional health supplements which people need to take to meet the requirement of the essential vitamins and nutrients which are otherwise not manufactured in the human body. One of the forms of Omega 3 is the vegetarian Omega 3 capsules, beneficial for pregnant women and the child or foetus since it is rich in flaxseed oil, folic acid, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and Alpha-linolenic acid.

Folic acid, as most of us might be aware, is very essential for maintaining good health in women. Additionally, intake of folic acid during pregnancy makes the wall of the uterus stronger, hence providing support for the developing foetus.

Gestational diabetes is a very common deficiency disease which occurs in pregnant women. The flaxseeds are very helpful in dealing with such a situation. Many such health problems that crop up during pregnancy can be dealt with Omega 3 capsules. Hypertension, anemia and asthma are among the other pregnancy related diseases on which the Omega 3 has been a very effective one. Sometimes women also have to face depression pre- or post delivery. Omega3 has also been found to be effective in dealing with such issues. Folic acid being a major constituent of this health supplement, promotes cell division and maturation of the red blood cells. It is particularly good for the developing baby all in all.

Furthermore, Omega 3 capsules in various forms like Omegamax, Oxyflax etc.. helps in preventing disorders from forming within the developing baby, increasing the birth weight of the child, as well as better and proper formation of the brain and nervous system. 

But let’s say you succeeded in following the tips thus far and was able to give birth to a healthy baby. Now what are you going to do with all the excess weight?

Although expecting is an excellent encounter for any lady, almost all women would like to regain their pre-pregnancy form as quickly as possible. Celebrity mothers with the help of dietitians, healthcare professionals as well as health and fitness experts, in typical may get back to their original shape faster compared to typical ladies. You should not be as impatient, trying to lose weight too quickly, but should “go easy” and consider these few actions to get rid of unwanted weight after giving birth to your baby.

Give your body time to recover

This took the body months to prepare to give birth, and it requires time to recuperate so don’t be in too much of a rush to cut calories from fat. It requires up to six months after pregnancy for you to return to normal and it will require all of your power, particularly while you get a handle on “night-feeds”. Therefore, rather than focusing on unwanted weight loss for those first 3 months, it is easier for you to focus on maintaining a healthy diet with enough calories as well as nutrition to provide you with the power to cope in taking care of your own new baby.

Exercise whenever you feel up to it!

While giving time for you to recuperate, it does not mean that you ought to perform anything at all or disregard your body weight. You can start gentle exercises almost soon after coming back home, but however, avoid any kind of energetic or even continual exercise until after your first post-pregnancy check-up. 


Are you aware that breastfeeding is a good method of burning up your body’s calories from fat? Generally, a new mother that breastfeeds her brand new delivered child produces a typical output associated with 850ml associated with breasts milk every day. To generate this particular quantity of breast milk, a mother needs to consume around five hundred extra calories from fat per day throughout lactation.

Then how long should I consider in order to regain my shape again?

The majority of physicians as well as being pregnant weight loss experts will give you the same solution: It depends on how many pounds you acquired while pregnant. A typical mother may have gained twenty to thirty pounds while being pregnant, and during the delivery, she usually sheds twelve to fourteen pounds, leaving twelve to 21 pounds that you should work out following being pregnant. If you start your weight decrease following two months of recovery period, and you lose one pound each week, it will take twelve to twenty days to get rid of the additional pounds which means that you need to regain your pre-pregnancy pounds inside six to eight months following the birth.

Pregnancy is no joke but it takes grit, a strong mentality, pain tolerance, and a selfless heart. In approaching this phase or currently living in it, hopefully these tips not only shed hope in overcoming the struggles to be encountered, but joy in how far you have come as well. 

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