What is Marine Collagen and its 5 Key Health Benefits

Collagen, found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons, is the most abundant protein found in the human body. It is an essential substance as it holds the body together and provides strength, structure, and elasticity to the skin. This is why more and more people are supplying themselves with marine collagen.

Starting in your mid-20s and as you age, your body produces less collagen. Poor diet also contributes to this. When the body doesn’t make an adequate amount of collagen, it can lead to wrinkles, weak muscles, joint pains, and gut issues. 

To boost collagen production, most people would consume the right food, maintain great nutrition and take collagen supplements to help supply the body. 

One of the most popular collagen supplements in the market right now is marine collagen. 

What is marine collagen?

Marine Collagen

Marine collagen, or fish collagen, is created from the skin of fish. Like other kinds of collagen, marine collagen also helps boost your collagen production. 

Most collagen supplements or collagen in cosmetic products are from pig and cow skins. Recently, more people are choosing marine collagen for different reasons. 

Generally, people use it for its general benefits such as delaying signs of aging, like wrinkles and joint pains and improving their skin condition. Aside from health benefits, other reasons why people opt for marine collagen are: 

Religious issues. Some religion prohibits the consumption of any pig-related products. It is a great alternative for those facing this kind of concern. 

Worries about diseases. Fatal cow diseases like mad cow disease caused worries to people. 

More sustainable alternative. The fishing industry leaves a lot of unused raw materials, including fish skin. Instead of wasting these away, they can be used to make marine collagen. 

How to use marine collagen?

Fish collagen can be used as a supplement and comes in the form of powder, pill, or liquid. Some innovations also result in a cream form. However, these claims are still being studied by researchers. 

For one, the stomach breaks most of the things we consume before reaching our bloodstream so it is uncertain if we are truly benefitting from collagen supplements or not. 

Second, though creams made with fish collagen are rising in popularity nowadays, doctors would still highly recommended other options like retinol, tretinoin, and vitamin C, as these provide more benefits. 

Note: Before using marine collagen, it is best to talk with your healthcare provider to be informed if this supplement is right for you or not. 

Benefits of marine collagen

There are reasons why intaking collagen supplements are popular as these products often have positive benefits to the body. 

Improves skin elasticity

Taking Type 1 collagen (the same type found in fish collagen) can smoothen and firm the skin. This will result in improved skin elasticity. The consumption of marine collagen will also allow your skin to normally renew and repair. 

Improves hair growth

Aside from skin elasticity, marine collagen can also help with healthier hair growth. Marine collagen has a significant role in allowing the dermis (where skin follicles grow from) to renew and repair. This will lead to stronger hair. 

Promotes bone growth and healing

Studies have noted that taking Type 1 collagen (the same type as fish collagen) has helped those suffering from osteoarthritis. The consumption of fish collagen can help with better joint function, as well as aid cartilage pain. 

Provides antioxidant protection

Antioxidants are “substances that can prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals.”

Marine collagen consists of several amino acids, including lysine, glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, that give several benefits to the body. Proline and glycine protect against free radicals that cause cell damage. 

Stabilize blood sugar

A 2016 study by the Alberta Diabetes Institute concluded that those who have type 2 diabetes were found to have low levels of circulating glycine. Fish collagen consists of a high amount of glycine and might help balance blood sugar levels. 

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