Healthy Mexican Food Dishes To Enjoy Guilt-Free

Mexico is one of my favorite countries in the continent of South America. The culture of Mexico is both local and creative. Local in a sense that it is transcendental and centered on the beauty and uniqueness of its people. On the other hand, creative in a sense that its intensity and appeal to the world is characterized in its dimensions, facets, tenets and premise which makes Mexico today as a country to appreciate and a nation to look forward to on a global scale.

One of the major contributions that Mexico has brought to the world is its food and cuisine. Mexico is known to develop an array and variety of food choices, that are a combination of sweet and spicy. The variation that its cuisine carries as an attribute, entices every food lover and enthusiast to crave for it.

In this article, we will discover great examples of Healthy Mexican Food that are not only delicious and savory, but are also beneficial and contributory to the health of its certified fans of Mexican food. As we go along, a sense of appreciation will be nurtured in every reader in terms of vying and choosing Mexican food to be present daily in their every meal and dish.

The descriptions of each featured Mexican food may be short, but it is in-depth in detail as an assurance.  Let us begin!

Mexican Shrimp Orzo with Zucchini 

This healthy mexican food is made of a plentiful of healthy shrimps, zucchini and orzo pasta, and is studded with great Mexican flavors. This dish can easily be prepared in a duration of 30 minutes with the use of a heating pot which makes it an easy recipe as an appeal, and with a primary touch of pantry staples that makes it an art of perfection.  This mexican food is considered healthy because of zucchini as one of its main ingredients. 

Mexican Chicken Quinoa Casserole 

This healthy mexican food is made up of cheese, black beans, chicken, vegetables, Greek yogurt and a bunch of protein-packed quinoa. In a cultural level, casseroles are worldly known for its excessive content of calories and globbing amount of cheese. But this recipe is truly satisfying and at the same time, stands as a provision of a guilt-free meal experience, that any Mexican food enthusiast will be highly interested to take for a bite. 

Mexican Stuffed Peppers 

This healthy Mexican food is made up of fresh bell peppers, sharp cheddar cheese, grass fed beef , that is highly relinquished in coconut oil. These stuffed peppers are highly considered by Mexicans and its food enthusiasts both as a healthier option and an ultimate comfort food because it is low in carbohydrates and free from gluten. In just a matter of 20 minutes in preparation, its cheesy and spicy taste will surely make an imprint in your exploratory taste buds. 

Mexican Street Corn Burrito Bowls 

This healthy Mexican food is made up of black beans,  brown rice, cotija cheese, romaine lettuce and queso blanco. This Mexican recipe drew its inspiration from “yaas”, which is known as Mexico’s street corn. The healthy side of this dish is that, aside from being a food filled in colorful burrito bowls, a surety of a guilt free and flavorful experience awaits its tasters and avid Mexican food enthusiasts. 

Mexican Kale Taco Salad with Roasted Jalapeño Lime Vinaigrette

This healthy Mexican food is made up of  beans, radishes, corn, quick pico de gallo, pepper, jack cheese and roasted jalapeño lime vinaigrette. The major representation of this kale salad, encompasses all types of kale salads around the world, because aside from its hearty and tasty appeal, it is surely healthy that every bite is a saute of what good health is all about. Surely, with this mexican dish and recipe on hand, every salad experience of Mexican food lovers will surely turn 360 degrees. That is testament to being tasty, savory and enticing. 

Mexican Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Avocado Crema 

This healthy Mexican food is made up of fresh shrimps, cabbage shreds and relinquished with avocado crema that is completely enticing to every one’s Mexican food desires when grilled. It is a practice in tropical countries that, whenever it is hot, grilling food is a norm for every desired dish to be eaten. Thus, this Mexican recipe is a fiery great qualifier on that matter.  The fresh shrimps are marinated in a citrus-rum form of mixture before the cooking process and a duration of 30 minutes is needed to prepare, cook and finish artistically this exciting healthy mexican food. A promise of a healthy food choice is vivid in every bite of this Mexican dish. 

Mexican Ground Turkey Tacos in Lettuce Wraps with Cilantro Lime Crema

This healthy Mexican food proves with evidence that tacos are very versatile in terms of being a dish and a recipe. Tacos can be perfectly stuffed with chicken, fish, beef, turkey and vegetables on that note. The main ingredients of this Mexican recipe are ground turkey, lettuce, tomato and a  super and refreshing cilantro lime crema that brings the combination of this dish, into the pedestal of great food choice. With these on hand, this dish will truly imply a big heart for Mexican cuisine to its avid Mexican dish lovers and enthusiasts on a larger scale. 

Mexican Chilaquiles with Eggs 

This healthy Mexican food is made up of  fire roasted tomatoes, avocado and queso fresco. This is a healthy option for every meal because of its exquisite inclusion of fresh picked vegetables in its toppings and context as a dish. As we are all aware of, meals that are meant for breakfast are never tasty and savory for dinner.  The innate features of tortilla chips, runny eggs and relinquished with enchilada sauce in this one of a kind Mexican food will surely mark an emboss in your gustatory memory that will truly satisfy your inner cravings for the taste of Mexico. 

Mexican Chicken and White Bean Enchiladas with Creamy Salsa Verde

This healthy Mexican food is made up of shredded chicken breast, green chiles, cheese, sour cream and white beans. The touch of enchiladas  in this Mexican dish, in its lightest texture, is what makes it healthy in totality. Truly, any individual’s desire for Mexican food will be substantiated with this dish on hand. 

Mexican Traditional Burrito Bowl 

This healthy Mexican food is made up of basmati rice, pork, black beans, sour cream and white wine on the top. This burrito bowl is intended specifically for vegans and carnivores alike. The healthy side of this Mexican dish is that it is gluten free and can be enriched with quinoa, avocado-lime sauce and cauliflower rice depending on the favor of the one who prepares it.  Every Mexican food enthusiast will have an in-depth impression of this food choice both as a healthy and versatile option for an intentionally healthier diet.

Mexican Chipotle Chili Pot 

This healthy Mexican food is made up of ground beef, spices, dried kidney beans and fresh tomatoes. This Mexican dish is a perfect example of the balance between healthy and savory that is vividly evident in every recipe that Mexico proudly presents.

This dish is superbly flavorful, and with its chipotle spiked chili tastes that sticks in our every gustatory experience, it will surely create a mental impression that this dish of Mexico has spent an entirety of a day simmered on a pot and through a stove’s burning flame. The duration of preparing this Mexican recipe will only take 30 minutes as a whole. 

Mexican Fresh Huevos Rancheros 

This healthy Mexican food is made up of corn tortillas, pinto black beans, feta cheese and monterey jack cheese. It is a great additive if this dish is a part of a home or restaurant’s menu in Mexico because it encompasses its purpose on our appetites because it is a popular option during breakfast, brunch and dinner meals.

The healthy side of this dish is found in its protein content that can be found in its pinto black beans, topped with a perfectly runny fried egg. Truly, a majestic experience awaits every Mexican food enthusiast because of the existence of this creative recipe as well as its representation of fusional spices.

Mexican Chicken Pasta

This healthy Mexican food is made up of chicken, onion, bell peppers, chili powder, cumin, dried oregano and pasta. The healthy side of this Mexican recipe is that, this dish is topped with vegetables which makes every Mexican food avid enthusiast to not feel guilty while eating it. The creamy sauce that is topped on this pasta is an imprint that will entice your taste buds because of its savory and cheese mixture of chicken broth, cheddar, pepper jack and heavy cream. Surely, each bite of it is heavenly to the taste. 

Mexican Chicken Pozole Soup

This healthy Mexican food is a traditional Mexican stew that is made up of meat, either pork or chicken as a choice and hominy. It is garnished in a common manner with chile peppers, radishes, avocado, cabbage, cilantro or limes as an option.

What makes this Mexican recipe truly healthy is that it is cooked in a dried chili pepper based broth. The soup can be adjusted in terms of its spices to fit with the individual’s personal taste. An addition of fresh tomatoes will give a tapestry of taste that is unique to this Mexican dish and recipe. Surely, your impression of soups will have a great change once you try this Mexican dish by yourself.

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