China has been placed in the limelight of many people’s attention lately, receiving lots of interest on its culture, etiquette and regional parts as a nation and as a country.

China is worldly known as “The Land of the Rising Sun”. And with that, the Chinese people from time to time have proven their relevance and presence in the world, through the various contributions that they have given and shared to the world, that is greatly applicable today, at the present time.

As a country, China can be described in three terminologies and these are: diverse, well-versed and multifaceted. These attributes intertwine as one and perfectly depicts the contemporary and modern China of today. Diverse first and foremost in a sense that, everything that is present in the country is different from each other on a comparative level. Secondly, well-versed in a sense that, each individual, organization and group that is living in the country, promotes its development and progress in their most exquisite efforts separately. Lastly, multifaceted in a sense that China can be linked and interconnected with its heritage that has blossomed from the past and has been testament to its standing at present with a great adherence of its people to their highly prized customs, practices, traditions, beliefs and norms, respectively.

Chinese cuisine and food in general, shares in unison with the other countries of the world, in terms of branding out originality, uniqueness and fusion, in providing an utmost intent of bringing out the best in food preparation and preservation-the Chinese way. Chinese people, tourists, visitors and Chinese food lovers share the same sentiment with each other, that indeed, the Chinese cuisine has a great say in terms of promoting its variety and array of food choices, selections and options on a global scale. In this article, we will both discuss and discover the healthy and unhealthy foods of China and we will take a closer look on why it is considered as such. Let us begin!

5 Healthy Chinese Foods: Is Chinese Food Healthy?

It is an individual choice to be healthy in all aspects.  Health is a prized possession that can never be tantamount and equal with any inheritance and riches that the world can offer. As individuals in various nationalities would say, health is the only wealth that we can use in order for us to thrive continuously in life. Thus with health comes our food intake that we should take into great consideration in having a healthy lifestyle. Below is a list of healthy Chinese foods that we can eat in any day as follows: 

Chinese Vegetable Dumplings

When in China, vegetable dumplings are greatly handpicked by Chinese health- conscious individuals, in order for them to promote their healthy lifestyle individually. This Chinese food is very healthy because it allows the Chinese people to have a great bunch of steamed cabbage and leafy greens in their diet, and at the same time, it is formed to perfection with a vegetable intended wrap. In order for the healthy food eating experience with vegetable dumplings to be more memorable, it is dipped in chili sauce, instead of soy when eating it so that you can cut the sodium content inside your body. 

Chinese Soups 

Chinese soups are very healthy either with the choices of Egg Drop, Wonton or Hot and Sour. In China, it is greatly considered as a healthy pick, to have some soup during your every meal or dining experiences, both daily and occasionally.

Each of the types of soup mentioned above contains fewer than 100 calories per cup. In addition to that, the broth that aids you in filling up, purposely leads you not to eat too much the heavier dishes that are present in the food table. As a health tip, whenever you choose to have the Wonton Soup, it is encouraged that you avoid eating the Wonton as much as possible, because it contains a lot of extra fat and calories. 

Chinese Stir Fry

When in China, it is a common scenario for the Chinese people to eat stir fry in their every meal. It is considered to be a custom and practice. For instance, shrimp and broccoli are paired, as well as, chicken and snow peas are paired. The choice of pairing lean protein with fiber-enriched vegetable, truly sets the center stage, for the immense effort of Chinese people to choose a filling and nutritious meal. As a health tip and premonition, stir fry dishes are drowned often in a sauce that is fully loaded with oil, sugar and salt. Thus, it can be a healthy personal prerogative for you to inform the chef, preparing this respective dish, to use only half for the sauce, to place it on the side, or a small amount of it on the top of the dish, depending on whatever you would want and prefer. 

Chinese Kung Pao Chicken 

When in China, whenever you are in the mood of eating spicy food, the Chinese Kung Pao Chicken is a healthy option for you. This dish is made up of diced chicken, chili peppers, peanuts and vegetables which makes it very healthy. In order to promote your healthy lifestyle while eating this, having a cup of brown rice in a fist-like size in pairs will suffice because it will keep your meal under 600 calories as a consumption.

The peanuts that are a part of the dish’s ingredients gives every individual a nutrient boost upon eating. Peanuts contain unsaturated fat, antioxidants and a heart-healthy fiber. But as a health tip and premonition, this dish is high in sodium in a similar view with other Chinese foods, dishes and recipes. Thus, extra care is always needed, with regards to food consumption that has sodium.   

Chinese Buddha’s Delight 

When in China, a special healthy treat that anyone can experience, is a tasteful encounter with the Buddha’s Delight Chinese dish. The dish is composed with a variety of vegetables such as cabbage, mushrooms, carrots and water chestnuts. These vegetables work hand in hand in the human body, through the delivery of fiber and vitamins that are essential in bodily functions.

In addition to that, the tofu in the dish is rich in protein, and is responsible for helping you feel full or eat less during your meal. The mixture of this dish is composed usually of garlic sauce, ginger sauce or soy in a stir-fried manner.

As a health tip, it will be more lighter for you if you eat and consume the steamed version of this dish, with its corresponding sauce at the side, to complete your dining experience. 

A Look at the 5 Worst Unhealthy Chinese Foods  

Being a health-conscious individual pays a lot at all times. Moreover, it provides you with a promise that your sparkle as an individual will remain, in terms of promoting longevity in your life span in this earthly life. Below are the unhealthy foods that you need to be very careful of when eating from your local Chinese restaurant.

Chinese Egg Rolls

When in China, it is definitely a unique experience to try out their famous Chinese Egg Rolls. Indeed, it is a health guarantee that vegetables are filled into this dish. But, the unhealthy side of it is that eggs, although are anything but healthy and are wrapped in a dough and are cooked in a deep-fried manner, this still results on the other hand, a consumption of 220 calories and 10 grams of fat per egg roll, during your appetizer portion in every meal that you have. In addition to that, the sweet dipping sauce contains 2 teaspoons of sugar, in every dunk of the roll while eating. As a health tip, minimal consumption is advised while eating the Chinese egg rolls. 

Chinese Crab Rangoon

When in China, eating the Chinese Crab Rangoon can be a part of your memorable gustatory experiences in the land of the rising sun. The crab inside it, serves as the lean protein. But generally, this dish only has a little meat.

It is unhealthy because it is mostly composed of cream cheese, wrapped in dough and is deep fried in order to produce a creation of bite-sized calorie bombs. Because it is small in size, it is truly tempting to eat more than one piece. Eating 4 pieces of it will definitely lead you to gain more than half of the fat and calories that are expected for your body in a  meal. As a health tip, practice self-discipline while eating this Chinese dish. 

Chinese General Tso’s Chicken

When in China, it is notably worth knowing that this dish was named after a Chinese war hero, General Tso. The dish is unhealthy because it is ladened with fat as a whole and surely will not contribute to your victory in losing weight as a battle. The chicken that is breaded and fried is smothered in sugary sauce. A single order is around 1,500 calories and 88 grams of fat in content. This in return delivers a large amount of sodium that exceeds the need of your body. 

Chinese Barbecue Spare Ribs

When in China, it is a guarantee that this Chinese dish is delicious and savory, yet with regards to its health benefit, it is truly unhealthy. First, high-fat content is present in this Chinese dish. Second, it is coated in a sweet-salty barbecue sauce.

A single order of this Chinese dish contains 1.5 times the sodium that your body should get on a daily basis, alongside with 64 grams of fat. In a broader aspect, it is a Chinese dish that has more sugar in comparison to a can of soda. 

Chinese Fried Rice 

When in China, it is very cultural to dig in with a plateful of Chinese fried rice. But on the aspect of promoting good health, this Chinese dish is unhealthy because its main ingredient is white rice, so it definitely has a minimal amount of fiber present into it which will lead you to still feel hungry after eating. It is truly unhealthy because the rice itself is fried deeply in oil and is tossed with soy sauce in a salty texture. As a health tip, it is more essential to choose brown rice compared to white rice because it may lead you to have type 2 diabetes which is inevitable. Thus, as doctors say, “Prevention is still better than cure.”