Are fats taking over the human race? – Tips on how to live a healthy life

Gaining weight but not too sure how to go about it? Have you tried methodologies to help reduce unnecessary fat but it has been difficult? The overall concept of losing weight has been a recurring issue amongst many individuals which can cause issues ranging from body insecurities, health problems, to even mental issues like depression. As a result, individuals have conjured different ways to not only reason about why things may or may not be working, but to provide solutions to help as well.

One example to exemplify this is a report on women done which revealed surprising specifics bordering reduced-body fat body weight loss eating plans and their believed rewards relating to coronary heart ailment and cancer. A study completed by the Women’s Well being Initiative (WHI) and Stanford University determined that a minimal-body fat excess weight decline diet program, in itself, is not sufficient in decreasing the danger of cancer and/or coronary heart illness in women. Analysis officials established that a reduction in saturated and trans fat may offer you much more convincing benefits instead. This may include a consumption of fruits, vegetables, and fiber rich produce.

Throughout the examine, Women’s Well-being Initiative researchers observed that some of the low unwanted fat body weight reduction diet program candidates failed to meet their necessary 20% unwanted fat consumption. Of the approximately forty nine subjects testing this supposed helpful diet, only 40% ended up sustaining a minimal-fat weight loss diet essential to reduce their excess fat consumption down to 20% of their whole calorie consumption. 

“Just switching to reduced excess fat food items is not very likely to yield considerably overall health advantage in most females,” commented Marcia Stefanick, PhD, professor of drugs at the Stanford Prevention Research Center and chair of the Women’s Wellness Initiative steering committee. “Rather than trying to eat minimal-excess fat, ladies must concentrate on minimizing saturated fats and trans fats.” 

Diets typically have a focus on what they can help with which is why it is important to distinguish what you want to fix, and a solution to help is in researching through websites too., for example, contains programs where it selects the correct type of eating plan for your goals albeit losing weight, reducing your cholesterol, or abstaining from wheat or lactose. They also show specific diet plans including the Mediterranean, Heart Smart, Low Glycemic Index, and the Atkins Nutritional Plan. also offers many different types of healthy eating habits including low fat, low carb, and vegetarian options they can cator, and the meal plans rotate over a period of four  weeks too. Regardless of the eating plan selected, the meals provided are all low in salt, fat, and cholesterol, and the average dieter generally loses 2-3 pounds a week on one of these eating plans.

In assisting our capability to reduce fat through proper dieting, suggestions as to how we can work on it albeit in what we eat and drink such as eating raw food to liquid diets have been presented.

The concept of raw food dates back to old tradition where raw foods such as vegetables, fruits, leaves and the like are not cooked but rather taken as they are with the belief that it can clean the digestive system. The fiber content in raw food is greater and it controls the blood sugar and cholesterol in the body hence not causing some to feel hungry earlier. This is why those who face obesity can easily reduce their weight by taking raw food. It is still good to pair raw food with other sources of nutrients though as eating only raw food is not enough given the fact it content of calcium is very low. This can lead to issues such as osteoporosis and deficiencies if solely reliant on this. 

All in all, it makes the body free from problems such as cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and so on. It not only assists in what happens internally but individuals intake raw food to result in outer effects such glowing and shiny skin, but with this revolution of people practicing a diet of raw food, it also serves as an inspiration in another methodology similar to this through liquid diets.

Juicing has already established lots of evangelists through raw-food leader Gary Walker that released their very first guide about the subject within 1936, in order to work out expert Jack port LaLanne which helped their Energy Juicer within late-eighties infomercials. However, in the last five to ten years, the actual exercise is just about tradition and consistency.

People tend to juice through freshly squeezed liquids full of vegetables, fruits, and other health additions depending on one’s needs. People who stick with 100 % natural liquid unlike purchasing bottled manufactured drinks that have been pasteurized and added with sugar and preservatives  hence eliminating energetic nutrients have gained many benefits.

This has yielded a plethora of results as seen in the web site associated with May well Mix, in whose 2011 written Body fat Ill & Almost Lifeless, shows how a 41-year-old changed from weighing 310 pounds to roughly 230 pounds through a 60 day juice only diet plan. Matthew Barbee, the 35-year-old maker within Kansas, is a current success story as well. Following four weeks on a program including an orange-carrot-ginger combination along with breakfast every day, resulted in him dropping pounds and experiencing mood raises too.

There is an issue that can arise in the food we choose for our diets as well as in its branches such as raw food eating and juicing. The root that we must acknowledge is the concept as to whether or not the food we consume is even organic to maximize the nutrients we can acquire. 

Many countries have food supplies that are made available through large suppliers, and when a food looks good but the taste is similar to plastic, it is plausible for individuals to wonder and ask questions.

Part of the problem is soil depletion. These giant farms supplying food to grocery stores all over the United States grow the food on soil that lacks the microorganisms and earth worms with their castings that help enrich the soil. Lacking these essential factors to our soil lacks means a decrease in fulvic acid and other humic material that soil needs to grow nutritious food.

There is a certain way to check if one’s soil can help produce good food and it is if minerals have carbon attached to them. If so, this means that they are 100% bio-available hence truly organic. Carbon allows our bodies to recognize the minerals, utilize them, and remove what is not needed since unused organic minerals are not stored in the body.

This is important to understand because there is a strong probability that most of the minerals in our food supply are inorganic, with the possible exception of those labeled organic. That may go a long way toward explaining the rise in major diseases and other diseases such as arthritis in the 20th century and now. This means there is a high chance that most of the mineral supplements on the shelves are inorganic hence us only getting 10-15% usage out of our supplements as well, which isn’t enough.

If we have enough minerals in our diet, our bodies will make every vitamin we need except for Vitamin C. That has to be obtained by eating raw food as mentioned previously through means  such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, broccoli and other food sources with Vitamin C. If our major food supplies are truly inorganic, then we are not getting the nutrition to keep us healthy. Buying and using organic foods could help in that regard otherwise, many of the health gains of the previous century will be lost, and people will not be able live as well or long as they should.

All in all our choice of food affects our health and weight, and the different methodologies and advice served to generate ideas that we can and should implement today. We have the power to change our lives so with what we can, let’s choose to live which all starts through the basics of health.

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